APRIL 2024
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Our forward-thinking and groundbreaking research projects often result in insightful and inspiring learning materials, many for free.

What it is: EarthLabs is a free suite of online modules that make up the laboratory component of a middle school, high school, or introductory college Earth science course. The nine modules focus on Earth system science and environmental literacy. Students engage in deep and long-lasting investigations enabling them to explore rich interconnections in the Earth system.

These lab experiences feature a combination of fieldwork, classroom experiments, and computer access of data and visualizations, demonstrating the rigor and depth of a true lab course.

EarthLabs was developed with funding from NOAA, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.

Articles of Interest
What we've been reading about in STEM education trends, innovations, new studies, and much more.
State anti-DEI laws sow uncertainty in public colleges and universities
Physics Today

Takeaway: Inclusivity efforts are thwarted as faculty and institutions navigate new laws with unclear penalties.

How TERC Can Help: In an exploration of inclusion in physics, senior researcher at TERC Maria Ong makes the case for higher education reform, noting that despite diversity efforts to recruit more women and students of color into science and math programs, many leave the STEM pipeline. Her book, The Double Bind in Physics Education takes readers inside the issue by following 10 women of color from their entrance into undergraduate physics programs through their career paths.

Fun STEM Fact!
Ironically, the driest place in the world — the Atacama Desert in northern Chile — is next to the biggest body of water — the Pacific Ocean. 
PD Opportunities
Upcoming workshops, webinars, and research study opportunities for continuous growth.
Participate in a Study - Seeking Graduate Students

Contemplative CRiT Collage: A Pilot Study
TERC researchers are seeking graduate students of color with disabilities in the fields of geosciences, mathematics, and physical sciences and/or STEM to participate in our project. Learn more and fill out a form to participate here.

Teacher Reflection Tool

Equitable Participation in Small Group and Pair Work
This Tool is designed to help teachers keep equitable participation at the forefront as they plan for and facilitate small group/pair work. 
Learn more and download the tool.

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