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Programs & Materials Highlights
Our forward-thinking and groundbreaking research projects often result in insightful and inspiring learning resources, many for free.
Equity Forum
Forum for Equity in Elementary Mathematics

What it is: A place to connect with others who are reflecting, in their own contexts, on elementary students’ equitable participation in mathematics, regardless of their location, student population, or curriculum. 

It provides resources, publications, and professional learning opportunities that will broaden and deepen discussions among educators as we seriously and passionately pursue equity in mathematics, with a specific focus on the elementary grades.

We invite you to join us in this work and be a part of the conversation.

Articles of Interest
What we've been reading about STEM education trends, innovations, new studies, and much more. 
11 Picture Books Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
PBS Kids

Takeaway: 11 vibrant children's books celebrating Latino voices and culture.

Celebrate Latinos Heritage Month with TERC: Read Storytelling Math books Lia & Luís: Puzzled! and Again, Essie?.

Storytelling Math books celebrate math, diversity, and the power of storytelling. Joyful stories and hands-on activities make it easy for kids and their grown-ups to explore everyday math together.

Fun STEM Fact!
Ynes Mexia was a botanist and plant collector whose field expeditions included traveling along the Amazon River. During her career, she collected more than 150,000 plant samples and is credited with discovering more than 500 new species.
Ynes Mexia
PD Opportunities
Upcoming workshops, webinars, and research study opportunities for continuous growth.
Head Start on Engineering Classroom
Free Workshop

October 17, 2023
Family-Focused Engineering: Harnessing Early Childhood Potential

Sign up now for this free interactive workshop where you will explore over a decade of NSF-funded research findings, discover ways to support early childhood engineering engagement, and access ready-to-use activities and resources in multiple languages, all while connecting engineering with families' everyday problem solving!

Speaker Series

November 8, 2023
Math, Diversity and the Power of Story

Join speakers Ana Crespo (author), Marlene Kliman (math education researcher), and Alyssa Mito Pusey (publisher) as they take a deep dive into picture books that combine authentic cultural diversity, emotionally resonant stories, and deep mathematical ideas. Learn more and register here.

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