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As we send off the last TERC Talks of 2023, we're grateful for your participation in this new community. If you have suggestions, questions, or topics that can enhance your TERC Talks experience in 2024, please share them with us.

Here's to another exciting year of empowering your students for success in STEM education!

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Reaching and Teaching Neurodivergent Learners in STEM

Strategies for Embracing Uniquely Talented Problem Solvers

Our society is facing enormous challenges—climate change and global pandemics—big problems that beg for innovative solutions. We need problem solvers who are creative and systematic, who pay close attention to details, and who remain persistent until a problem is solved. We have these talented thinkers among us, but all too often they are marginalized by an education system that treats them as if they are broken. 

Reaching and Teaching Neurodivergent Learners in STEM considers how neurodiversity—the different ways people learn and think—may present an exciting opportunity to build an innovative workforce ready to tackle these challenges we face. 

Drawing from 30 years of collaboration with teachers, learners, designers, and innovators; the author integrates personal and professional stories about neurodivergent learning to illustrate theories from research from psychology, education, and neuroscience. This book provides a rigorous, well-rounded perspective, while offering practical strategies to support inclusive education to foster a thriving new generation of innovative STEM problem solvers. 

Article of Interest
What we've been reading about in STEM education trends, innovations, new studies, and much more.
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4 Ways to Make Classroom Participation More Inclusive

Takeaway: Simple strategies help teachers make classroom discussions more equitable for all.

How TERC is joining the conversation: Learn how a team of TERC researchers co-designed a STEM-based virtual reality game with neurodivergent learners and how this team put extra intentionality into finding and supporting different ways for every member to fully participate and help shape the game. 

Fun STEM Fact!

STEM occupations are projected to grow 10.8% between 2021-2031. This is compared to only 4.9% growth for all other careers.

(Via the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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Session 2: Reflecting on Equitable Participation in Whole Class Discussions Part 1

January 17, 2024 - FREE

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Session 3: Gathering Students’ Reflections About Math Class Part 2

March 6, 2024 - FREE

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