MAY 2024
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Our forward-thinking and groundbreaking research projects often result in insightful and inspiring learning materials, many for free.
Evolving Minds

What it is: Evolving Minds teaches evolution by natural selection in 3rd grade classrooms. Elementary school teachers can request for free the research-based book about natural selection, How the Piloses Evolved Skinny Noses. Teachers can also download classroom simulation activity guides, materials, adaptation worksheets, and an assessment packet. 

Articles of Interest
What we've been reading about in STEM education trends, innovations, new studies, and much more.
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Inside a School That Doesn’t Single Out Students With Special Needs

Takeaway: The article underscores the importance of creating inclusive educational environments where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to succeed.

How TERC Can Help: Join NDinSTEM, a community dedicated to inclusive STEM education that embraces the unique talents of neurodivergent learners.

Fun STEM Fact!
There are over 340 breeds of dogs, yet they all come from one kind of wild wolf that existed many years ago.
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Forum for Equity in K-5 Mathematics

Supporting Math Learning, June 19-August 6
This 7-week asynchronous online course focuses on the teacher’s role in supporting the range of learners in K-5 math classrooms. 

Fostering Equity in K-5 Math Communities, July 10-11
This 1.5 day synchronous online workshop focuses on creating and sustaining equitable math learning communities in the elementary grades.

Investigations PD
Investigations 3 PD

Implementing Investigations 3 in the K-5 Classroom, June 19-August 6
Participants learn about the content and pedagogy of Investigations 3.

Making Sense of Fractions, June 19-August 6
This course focuses on the teaching and learning of fractions in the Investigations 3.

Going Deeper with Investigations 3, July 31-August 1
This workshop is for educators who have some experience with the curriculum. It focuses on: developing an equitable math learning community, facilitating productive math discussions, the role and purpose of Math Workshop, differentiating instruction.

Getting to Know Investigations 3, August 7-8
This workshop offers an overview of the content and pedagogy of the curriculum and looks at the components and features that support both students and teachers.

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